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18 Fibre Mini Breed Study Kit

18 Fibre Mini Breed Study Kit

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Each breed study kit comes with approximately 1 oz of each fibre, labelled and colour-coded according to wool class. You will also receive labelling tags and a spreadsheet containing information on each breed such as micron count, staple length, and suggested uses and spinning methods. By spinning or felting a small sample of each as an individual fibre of similar preparation (combed top), you can get a true feel for how the fibre behaves. One ounce is enough to sample a variety of spinning or felting methods should you desire to. The purpose of a breed study is to learn about the vast and surprising differences between the fibre produced by the various breeds, from the incredibly soft and luxurious to the coarse and strong.

The fibres are mostly sheep breeds with other protein fibres including:

*Charollais *Romney *Devon *Shetland  *Dorset Horn *Polwarth  *Rambouillet *Swaledale *Cheviot *Suffolk *Jacob  *Texel *Southdown *Icelandic *Wensleydale *Corriedale *Falkland *Yak

I have chosen a variety of natural shades so that should you choose to utilize the samples in a common finished piece you will have great visual and textural interest.