Art yarn of the month subscription - "warm brights"
Art yarn of the month subscription - "warm brights"

Art yarn of the month subscription - "warm brights"

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Mystery Art Yarn of the Month Club Subscription

This listing is for one space in the mystery art yarn of the month club, in which every month I send you approximately 20 yards of a surprise art yarn for 4 consecutive months.

Each month I will create a unique handspun art yarn in a warm colourway. Art yarns may include, but are not limited to, lock spun, extreme tailspun, corespun, spiral plied, beaded, thick and thin, and other textured yarns. Most will be in the bulky range. The photo in this listing is for illustrative purposes only.

The yarns will not be available in my shop for the general public for at least 6 months after the end of the subscription round in which it is featured in order to maintain exclusivity.

These will be suitable for both knitting and as weft yarn for weaving. Each set will be coordinated so that you can combine them into a single project.

If you would like more than 20 yards simply choose the option from the drop down menu and you will receive that amount in one uncut length.

Club subscriptions begin on the first of the next month after the subscription is received, and ship out on the first of each month thereafter.

Cancellations and refunds are not available. You will receive a reminder email close to the end of your subscription along with a coupon code for a discount if you choose to renew your subscription.

Club parcels ship as tracked packages.

Please notify me in the message to seller of any fibre allergies.

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